about me

Children need independence built on the right kind of assistance. It became clear to me with my two daughters. In the the Montessori approach I found an exact response to those needs.

With a hunger for knowledge, I completed training for early childhood education (0-3 years) with a certificate and childhood education (3-6 years) with a diploma at Polish Montessori Society, as well a college course of Montessori elementary education (6-9 years) with AMI certified trainers. I then gained hands-on experience in preschool and elementary school classrooms led by AMI teachers.

I see myself as the one infusing the environment with trust and respect and then connecting human beings with work important for them to go forward. I am also the go-to person in my circle for pointers in Montessori theory research. If you have a question, feel free to contact me.

Agnieszka Rekucka