W centrum “szklanej klasy” Montessori w Republice Czeskiej: materiały do wykorzystania w pracy uczniów. Photo © Agnieszka Rekucka

Montessori elementary student’s work

What is the work Montessori elementary students do and where do workbooks and tablets fit into the picture? According to a survey by Angeline Lillard Ph.D., an American psychologist committed to the field of Montessori research, 100% Association Montessori Internationale trainers and 65% American Montessori Society trainers agree that workbooks do not belong in a […]

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(050114-RREI-8195) Washington DC Jan. 14, 2005 LAYC LAMB Public Charter Montessori School which is pre K and K, but will add a grade a year through 6th grade. They are currently operating at Our Redeemer Church on Michigan Ave. NE. Instruction is bilingual - spanish in the morning and english in the afternoon. (c) Rick Reinhard / Impact Digitals 2005

Where to begin?

I have just learned about Montessori and I absolutely love it. Where do I start? Prioritize your education I advise getting the best Montessori training, according to your needs and means, vs getting the best Montessori apparatus, or “toys”. Options include full diploma courses, one-time seminars, and individual consultations. If your child attends a school […]

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Mother and baby in Zambia, photo by Bread for the World, licensed by CC

Wasted Riches. Part 1. The learning abilities of the young child.

The following article has been presented by Muriel I. Dwyer, director of Maria Montessori Training Organization in London, to Unesco-Unicef Cooperative Programme in 1981. The heading of this paper is “The Learning Abilities of the Young Child”. I should like to rename it “Wasted Riches”, as only now are most people beginning to recognize the […]

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Concert at Sto Pociech

Music, rhythmic exercises and children’s concerts

Every child is musical. Although not every Montessori teacher plays the piano nowadays, they can lead an integrated Montessori music program in the prepared environment through education of auditory sense, introduction to music theory, rhythmic exercises and children’s concerts. We may tend to regard music as the domain of a gifted minority. However, professional musicians […]

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Maria Montessori in Casa dei Bambini

A method in the madness, or what is Montessori?

When I am asked what I do, I often hear: ‘I know, Montessori! It’s this innovation at preschools. But what is it about?’ A question fit for an exam and we are just having a cup of coffee. Let me here prepare myself for the following inevitable coffee exam. You can easily find online that […]

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